JOhn Pauling Schindel Duaghters sons &inlaws

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Did someone lose a branch on their family tree?

Things are really coming together for Schindel genealogists. It looks like most of the Schindels in North America can happily gaze at their family tree, and offer thanks to the family researchers who have pieced together this difficult puzzle.

There a few orphaned branches though, and this is one of them.

Our Schindel FamilyEdit

According to the family history, John Schindel came to North America with a brother, Adolph, and a sister (not named). John's wife Pauline brought their three surviving children, Karoline , Edward and Mike , to the New World around 1899 and they came to make their home in the Bergheim District of Saskatchewan.

So little is known about the immigrants and their past - they came from Volhynia (now a part of the Ukraine) but it seems that they followed a long path to get there, since they were Germans.

John's parents were Johann Schindel and Gustine Hauf, according to the marriage certificate from his second marriage. Pauline's parents were Stanislaus Schroeder and Christine Grams, according to a Schroeder cousin.

What ever happened to Adolph? What about the sister?

What about the brother in Alabama that John and Pauline went to visit?

Every family has stories to tell... where are our stories? The fragments are out there - bits and pieces that we can put together to build a picture of the ancestors that we never knew, yet we carry them within our blood.

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