Grandpa John & Pauline Schindel 1929

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John and PaulineEdit

John, or Johann, Schindel was born in 1860 in East Prussia, Poland. Pauline was born around 1858 in "Poland" as well. They had 4 children that we know of - Karoline , Edward , Mike and Gottfried (Fred) . In the 1900 census, Pauline reports that she is the mother of nine children, four of whom are living.

The family was in Kostopol, Volhynia for the birth of their daughter in 1884.

Around 1892, John and his brother Adolph came to North America and moved between Neche, North Dakota and Manitoba. Pauline and three older children arrived around 1899. Youngest son Gottfried was born in Neche, North Dakota in 1900 and by 1906 the family had settled down in Aberdeen, Saskatchewan. Eight years later they moved to Elberta, Alabama for a short period of time then back to the Bergheim area, near Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Each of the four (surviving) children married and had families of their own. These families were documented in Schindel family history books prepared for each of the male lines. If one exists for Karoline's family, I don't know about it.

John's parents: Johann Schindel and Gustine Hauf (Augustine, perhaps?) nothing more is known about them.

Pauline's parents: believed to be Stanislaus Schroeder and Christine Grams. While information can be located in the Kostopol, Volhynia records about many of Stanislaus' children (with his wife Caroline Mantei), nothing has been found about the older four - who may have been born in a different location. Also missing is any data on his wife Christine. Hopefully this will change when an earlier home is found for the Schindels.

Right now, the clues are pointing in the direction of the settlements of Dabie, Ozorkow, Schwendow (Lodz) and Wladyslawow - and quite honestly, I have no idea how to search for information in these areas.

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